Catholic Charities: Jody’s Story

Jody (not her real name) sought from the Catholic Charities Resource Bus  assistance  with her rent after hearing about services through her church. Jody had been attending school in the hope of getting a better job to support her family. Unfortunately, to support her family in the immediate term, she had to drop out of school and find a job. She recently lost that job and was in danger of being evicted from her home.

Jody’s Catholic Charities case manager was able to provide direct financial assistance through United Way of Greater Topeka funds for rent. Further, her case manager contacted her landlord and advocated for Jody, indicating the assistance she was receiving and how hard Jody was working to gain stability. After receiving emergency assistance services, Jody also accessed food from the agency’s food pantry in Topeka.

Jody felt a renewed sense of hope after working with her case manager. She later informed the agency that after meeting with her case manager, she had gone directly to her school and re-enrolled. She was very grateful for the services she received, but more importantly she was grateful for the encouragement to go back to school so she could get a better job to support her family.

United Way of Greater Topeka’s Basic Needs program includes food, shelter, rent and utility assistance, access to healthcare and prescription assistance and safety from domestic violence. Catholic Charities is a partner under rent and utility assistance.