Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc: Mary’s Story

Mary’s serious financial situation was causing problems for her at work. Her employer connected her with the HOPE program offered through Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc, a United Way partner.

The single mother was more than $130,000 in debt between creditors and education loans. She was spending 42 percent of her income on rent, living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely surviving.

Rent, bus fare, laundry, food, and incidentals claimed her entire paycheck. Late fees on her monthly bills meant that she never had enough money to pay the bills in full and on time.

Mary received financial counseling, a budget, and action steps at HCCI. With the help of a mentor, after six months, she was current on her monthly bills. For the first time, Mary had $100 left from each paycheck. Saving money was something she didn’t think was possible.

All of this is possible through partnerships with HCCI, Kansas Legal Services, Heartland Works, YWCA, and dozens of volunteers.

This is how we LIVE UNITED.