HOPE client thanks mentor, reports personal progress

The following is an actual letter from a client of Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc.’s HOPE program which is funded by United Way of Greater Topeka. The names of the client and mentor have been omitted to protect their privacy.

HOPE provides financial counseling to individuals and families struggling with debt, helping them develop plans to pay down debt and learn to better manage and save money. It also pairs them with a long-term volunteer mentor to help them stay on course.

Dear [Mentor]:

It is so hard to believe that a year has passed since I met you and began this journey of HOPE and Financial Peace.

What is even harder is to express and fully communicate is the difference you have made in my life and in that of my family’s. To be honest, I don’t believe I even know the full impact yet.

So what are the changes thus far?

  • I and my family are more financially responsible than we’ve ever been.  Today, we (for the most part) pay our bills on time, lately there have been a couple of hiccups, but I am making changes to not go there again.
  • We are more financially stable than ever before – we have several savings accounts, plan for major purchases, and have a small cash fund.
  • I have also learned how closely tied our financial health is to our emotional health.  One huge lesson learned just in these past couple of weeks is the importance of being even more diligent with the financial management of our lives when the emotional side is topsy-turvey.
  • I have learned to embrace and run towards the challenges and threats in our lives rather than run from, and hide, and ignore.

These are just a few that I wanted to share.  I have thought a lot about your offer to write some articles (about the HOPE experience) and will do so.


A HOPE client