United Way announces community investment

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March 27, 2014

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Community investment projected to top $5.1 million in 2014

TOPEKA, KAN. (March 27, 2014) – United Way of Greater Topeka expects to invest more than $5.1 million into the community in 2014, up from $4.7 million in 2013. Kent Townsend, United Way chairman, made the announcement in a news release following United Way’s Annual Meeting during which he announced that United Way’s 2013 total revenue was $6.66 million including workplace campaign pledges of $3.9 million, more than $2.4 million in outside grants and $360,000 in investments and other income.

“Our work is about bringing together people, businesses, nonprofit and government partners to create positive, sustainable change in our community,” said Townsend. “We have secured increased outside grant funding which will enable us to invest $5.1 million into the community in 2014, an increase from the $4.7 we invested in 2013.”

In determining how money is invested in the community, United Way relies on grant review panels comprised of community volunteers who review grant applications from potential partners in United Way’s work. The review panels determine the funding levels for each application.  One set of panels reviews grant applications in Basic Needs programs including shelter, rent and utilities, food, health assistance/prescriptions and safety from domestic violence. A separate group of panels reviews grant applications in Community Impact for programs including school readiness, on-grade achievement, financial stability, substance abuse and reducing obesity.

“In our community, we are working to improve such key measures as school readiness, high school graduation, financial stability and decreasing adult obesity,” said Townsend. “Our Community Impact work is designed to address and alleviate the root causes of problems so that more people enjoy a good quality of life and can therefore contribute more to our community.”

To learn more about United Way’s work, visit www.unitedwaytopeka.org and click on the Community Impact link at the top of the home page.


United Way brings together people, companies and nonprofits to create positive sustainable change in our community. By focusing on education, financial stability and health, we help more children graduate and get stable jobs, help families become financially stable and improve the overall health of our community. United Way remains dedicated to Basic Needs including food, shelter, rent and utilities, health and prescription access and safety from domestic violence.

For more than 80 years United Way of Greater Topeka has been improving and changing lives. Since 1980, United Way has invested more than $105 million into the community.

United Way of Greater Topeka Community Investment

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