Community Engagement Survey

What motivates your team?

To help identify the charitable passions and priorities of our local community, United Way of Greater Topeka has created a short Community Engagement survey. We are offering the survey to our workplace partners before it is offered to the community at large because it creates the opportunity for employers to understand what inspires their employees. Employers can then work to match their volunteer projects with the passions of their workers.

The survey can be completed online through SurveyMonkey or on paper. Respondents can remain anonymous if they wish and may choose the level of demographic data they feel comfortable providing. Any company that has 25 employees complete the survey (meaning the employees must identify their employer on the survey) will receive a summary report of the company’s data to use in planning their volunteer engagement efforts.

To preview the survey, click here. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

To download the survey administration toolkit, with e-mail templates for publicizing and conducting the survey, click here. (Document is in Word format)

If you think your company would be interested in participating, please contact the Resource Development staff at the United Way office at 785-273-4804 or