Holly’s Story

Holly is a mother of four awesome kids and has been participating in the Heat Up Topeka program for 9 months.  She has struggled with her weight especially since having her last child.   Her busy schedule and hectic lifestyle made it difficult to adopt new behaviors like consistent exercise and healthier eating. The opportunity provided by this program enabled Holly to attend evening fitness classes that offered childcare four days a week and also learn about nutrition and healthy cooking.

“The HEAT not only addressed my physical health but my emotional needs as well. I had confidence issues and was scared to walk into a gym. I was surrounded by people like me that wanted to get better, and wanted me to get better. They helped me realize what was triggering my poor lifestyle choices when it came to food and exercise, and why it was important to change,” said Holly.

Holly has lost nearly twenty pounds, decreasing her BMI from 33.3 to 28.8, taking her out of the obesity range. But programs like these are about more than losing weight.

“… I still have a long way to go to  get to my weight loss goal, but I know this program will help me get there. This program has literally helped me change my lifestyle and allowed me to become a healthier version of me,” said Holly.