A single mother of two receives HOPE

tracykidscroppedTwo years ago Tracy received a letter in the mail with the word “HOPE” on it. It was that postcard that changed her life. Tracy, a single mom with two young sons, weighed 375 pounds and was barely making it paycheck to paycheck. She called the number on the postcard and was connected to Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., a United Way funded partner in the Financial Stability Impact Area.

Tracy began meeting one-to-one with a mentor who helped her see where she could make changes. Step one was taking a hard look at her expenses and budget to see where all her money was going. It was then that she realized much of her income was going to unhealthy food and unnecessary trinkets for her kids. Tracy started budgeting and cutting back on things she didn’t need. And instead of spending money on stuff for her boys, they started doing healthy (and usually free) activities together. So with less junk food in the budget and more active time with her boys, not only did her bank balance improve, but the numbers on the scale began to shrink. Tracy also took advantage of free exercise and nutrition classes at United Way of Greater Topeka’s sponsored program, Heat Up Topeka. Two years later she is 175 pounds lighter with a better job, a savings account, and the confidence needed to succeed.

After completing HCCI’s program Tracy decided to give back and is currently a mentor for HCCI. HCCI is currently looking for mentors. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor visit here or call 785-234-0217.