NOW: Neighborhood Opportunity for Wellness

We are counting on YOU to help make Topeka neighborhoods healthier, stronger and safer.

United Way of Greater Topeka’s three-year experiment in neighborhood engagement has become a model for creating a new sense of community among disconnected residents. Powered by neighbors and supported by mentors and nonprofit partners, Neighborhood Opportunity for Wellness (NOW) offers empowerment and opportunity designed to meet the unique needs of each neighborhood.

NOW is a new approach to neighborhood engagement. Outsiders don’t prescribe solutions—residents create them. NOW helps neighbors come together, propose solutions and then work with nonprofits, local government and other resource partners to address issues of public safety, health, education and professional development. NOW encourages participants to become advocates for themselves, their neighborhood and their community, all while building life and professional skills.

With your help, the success of NOW in the three pilot neighborhoods can be sustained and more neighborhoods can benefit from this grassroots model of engagement.

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