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  • Early Childhood Education:
    United Way knows: Having the right skills heading into kindergarten increases a child’s chance for success.
    Your investment helps: Children at Pine Ridge Prep preschool improved their Pre-K literacy assessment scores from the 20th percentile to the 80th percentile or higher.United Way knows: Nationally, 61 percent of low-income families have no child-appropriate books in their homes.Your investment helps: Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library brings a book every month to Shawnee County kids from birth to their fifth birthday.
  • On Grade Achievement:
    United Way knows: A child who falls behind in the early years of learning to read is more likely to stay behind and is less likely to finish high school.
    Your investment helps: Tutoring and support services at school, after school and during the summer help nearly 80 percent of students maximize learning and get better grades. School-based coordinators help families solve problems that keep kids out of the classroom.


  • Financial Stability: Almost 60 percent of individuals lack funds to cover their expenses if they have an unexpected health emergency or job loss. Being financially unstable also has negative effects on physical and mental health and on school and job performance.


  • Eat, Move, Live: Living in poverty places you at a greater risk for significant health challenges, including obesity, chronic illness and a reduced life span. Poor nutritional and exercise habits can even affect future generations of a family.

Basic needsbasic_needs_icon remains a foundation of United Way’s work. Without having their basic needs met, children can’t learn in school, families can’t be financially stable and individuals and families can’t enjoy good health