Disaster Relief

A crisis disrupts life in ways that can be both short-term and long-term. A home, a job, a child’s education and an individual or family’s health can all be impacted when disaster strikes. United Way of Greater Topeka has been there to assist area residents through disasters in the past and we stand ready to help again.

We are part of the community — there long before catastrophe strikes and long after first
responders have moved on. At United Way, we know that one’s fate is tied to the fate of
others and that all of society benefits from improvements in quality of life. Our success at
preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters underpins our goals in
education, income and health.


When disaster strikes the community will look to United Way and volunteers to lend a hand. You can help disaster victims and become a disaster relief volunteer. Sign up on Get Connected, our volunteer database, and enable the “May we contact you in the event of a disaster?” check box, as shown below.



In the event of a disaster United Way of Greater Topeka will set up a fund to which you can donate directly. One-hundred percent of your donation to the disaster fund will go toward helping disaster victims.

The Harveyville Tornado

On February 28, 2012, Harveyville was struck by an F2 tornado leaving 40 percent of the community damaged, 16 homes destroyed, and one person dead. United Way of Greater Topeka raised more than $75,000 to help rebuild the community and teamed with United Way of Emporia to coordinate volunteer efforts to help the people of Harveyville.