Young Leaders Society

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A Junior Leader Reader reads to kindergartners

The Young Leaders Society (YLS) is a group of community-oriented individuals or couples 40- years-old or younger (or young at heart) who are committed to advancing the United Way goals in education, income and health.

Most of the group’s work is focused on Early Education as the foundation of a child’s life. With the Born Learning Trail YLS helps parents of preschool children discover how to turn everyday moments into learning opportunities. Through the Junior Leader Readers program, kindergarten students get the chance to hear a story read to them by community volunteers and, thanks to our sponsors, take home their own copy of the book to enjoy with family!

To become a part of YLS, each household must donate at least $500 or volunteer a minimum of 23 hours annually with one of our community partners. To join, please check the Young Leaders Society box on your United Way pledge form or contact us directly.