Social Media

Connect with United Way of Greater Topeka on any of our social media platforms! We use each of these platforms to push out daily information regarding our work- including stories, videos, behind-the-scenes peeks at events, and more. Every Like, Share, or Retweet broadens our reach and helps us spread our message.



United Way Wednesdays

United Way Wednesday is our weekly web show airing every Wednesday at Noon on Facebook. Each show covers a various facet of United Way’s work. Hear from everyone from our volunteers to agency CEOs to corporate leaders as they talk about their involvement with United Way of Greater Topeka.

Click here to watch past episodes.


Become a Social Media Ambassador

United Way of Greater Topeka invites you to participate in telling the United Way story and extending our reach into the community by becoming a Social Media Ambassador!

Our Social Media Ambassadors are passionate about fighting for the education, financial stability, and health of everyone in our community and are enthusiastic about engaging others in the conversation. If you have a willingness to use your social media power to spread the word about United Way, we welcome you to add your voice!

If interested in serving as an Ambassador, please email