Community Impact Councils

Volunteer Community Impact Councils identify and support strategies and solutions that help achieve Greater Topeka’s 10-year Community Impact Goals. The Councils discuss community issues and promising/best practices for addressing them. They then help appropriate and mobilize financial, volunteer and community resources toward achieving the goals to ensure the highest return on investment on donor dollars.

Early Education
Council Chair: LeAnn Brungart, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

Community Goal:
By 2021, 68% of children in Shawnee County entering kindergarten will have the pre-literacy skills necessary for educational success.

  • Strategy 1: Families access community services, parenting programs, child care and quality early education programs, and other services in a centralized location
  • Strategy 2: Children of all abilities will participate in high quality early learning programs with pre-literacy components
  • Strategy 3: Early childhood professionals participate in professional development and access resources to increase their knowledge of early literacy and child development
  • Strategy 4: Families demonstrate an increase in age appropriate, high quality interactions that provide for the development of early literacy traits in their child

Eat, Move, Live
Council Chair: Missty Lechner, American Heart Association

Community Goal:
Reduce the number of adults who are overweight or obese by 10%

  • Strategy 1: Promote and support affordable healthy food and beverage choices
  • Strategy 2: Facilitate, support, and encourage increased physical activity

Financial Stability
Council Chair: LeaAnn Curtis

Community Goal:
Cut in half the number of low-income families and individuals who are financially unstable.

  • Strategy 1: Increase the number of adults who obtain and retain family sustaining employment
  • Strategy 2: Increase the number of families that adequately manage their expenses
  • Strategy 3: Increase the number of families that have growing savings and assets

On-Grade Achievement
Council Chair: Billie Wallace, Topeka Public Schools

Community Goal:
Reduce the achievement gap by 50% in third grade reading and sixth grade math for low-socioeconomic status students

  • Strategy 1: Students will increase reading and math skills through consistent one-on-one or small group tutoring 
  • Strategy 2: Increase a child’s self-esteem and self-worth by providing positive, consistent adult interactions
  • Strategy 3: Connect families and children to school in order to improve academic achievement
  • Strategy 4: Advocate and provide continuous learning opportunities throughout the year

If you’d like to be a part of one of our councils, please contact Juliet McDiffett.