Women United Grant Application

The intent of the Women United fund is to award grants to assist women and children (individuals, not agencies or groups) in emergency and/or life altering situations.  Grants are one time only with a maximum limit of $500.00. Listed below are the exceptions to the $500.00 grant maximum.

  • Dental care $100.00 maximum
  • Tuition assistance $100.00 maximum 

The grants will focus on emergency help for:

  • A woman
  • A woman  with a child or children
  • Child or children (under 18)
  • Father requesting services for a child
  • Grandparents requesting services for a child 


  • Services that are available through other programs
  • Utilities (gas, electric, propane) are generally not eligible for grant assistance, however in rare cases where there is an emergency, on-time need for utility assistance and it can be demonstrated that the individual will have the ability to make future utility payments, a grant award may be given 

Requests will be made through a local non-profit agency (Shawnee, Jefferson and Jackson Counties).  It is the responsibility of the agency to review the request, explore other options, validate the need and process the request through MAACLink if applicable. 

  1. The Women United application must be completed entirely with relevant details associated with the individual’s situation and financial status.  The requestor must be able to support the grant amount requested with actual costs for goods, services, etc.
  2. The Women United committee will review the application and attempt to make a decision within three business days of receiving the completed application.
  3. The agency, not the individual, will be advised of the funding decision.
  4. Finance will process Women United grants within three business days of submission unless otherwise specified on the Women United Check Request Form.
  5. Checks will be made payable to and mailed to the service provider by United Way’s Finance Department.

It is the intent of Women United to award grants to women and children in need of assistance with emergency help and life altering events.  It is not our intent to pay rent, utilities and other reoccurring expenses.  Applications should not be submitted until all other resources have been exhausted and assistance cannot be located through any other resource. 


    All fields are required.

    Date of Request: Date Funds are Needed:
    Name of Applicant: Date of Birth:
    Social Security Number:
    Phone Number:

    Beneficiary of Request: Date of Birth:
    Relationship to Beneficiary: Gender of Beneficiary:
    Amount of Request: *$500 maximum

    Please provide information about how the need developed, what the funds will be used for and how these funds will make a difference in the future. Include any information that will help us understand the situation, including employment status and family support.

    If Women United does not provide 100% of the funding needed, please list the other funding sources by name and amount. (If no other funding will be available, please state that.)

    List all other funding options that were explored:

    Sponsoring United Way Member or Partner: Contact Person:
    Phone Number: Email Address:
    Agency Who Provided Intake:
    Name of the Organization/Service Provider Check Should be Made Payable to:
    Address of the Organization/Service Provider Check Should be Made Payable to:

    Has the Applicant agreed to share application information with the Grant Committee?
    May the Applicant's first name and service provided be used for the promotion of Women United?

    As the sponsoring United Way Member or Partner, we acknowledge by checking the box, that we understand that it is our responsibility to process the client through intake, whether through our own organization of another, to review the request, explore all other funding options, and validate the need.

    Once the complete application is received by the committee, they will strive to provide an answer to this request within 48 business hours.