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Adopter Applications NOW open for 2019!
Help spread the Magic! We need individuals, families, businesses, organizations or anyone with a giving heart to help our neighbors this Christmas. We’ve tried to anticipate some of your adopter questions below.



I/we want to adopt a Christmas Bureau individual or family. How do I start?

Now that the adopter application is live on our website–it’s the fillable form below–you will need to wait until we finish the intake process for families wanting to be adopted. The last day for intake is November 1 this year, and it’s usually 2 weeks before we can get all the data into the system and start matching. It’s fine to check back every week in early November if you haven’t received your details by email. Watch our Facebook page for updates on where we are in the process. Our goal is to have all matches made before Thanksgiving.

What do adopters do?

The traditional Christmas Bureau “adoption” is when we match adopters like you with a family profile, including some wish list items, then you shop, wrap and deliver before Christmas. With so many families qualifying for help, sharing the load with adopters is the only way we can serve everyone.

We also understand that that delivery doesn’t work for everyone, so we can meet you in the middle. You can shop for a family and bring the items to us and we will find a volunteer to deliver them, but a lot of long-time adopters know delivery is often the best part! You are also always welcome to make cash donations (just click the Donate Now button above) that help us take care of anyone who doesn’t get matched with an adopter. 

We want to deliver the gifts and food. When should we plan to do that?

If you are delivering things yourself, sometime the week before Christmas is usually best. You’ll be able to contact the family directly to make arrangements to deliver at a time that works well for both of you. For some families, this is truly the only way they can afford Christmas, and knowing that it is taken care of in early December lets them feel secure that their kiddos will have something to celebrate. If you adopt singles, they might want a delivery a little closer to Christmas itself, it really just depends on the adoptee.

We want to adopt, but we are a small group. What are our options?

Working together to adopt families is a great team-building or family activity. If your resources are limited, just adopt a single person. If you are a business with customers or patients, let them help you adopt a larger family by contributing money or purchasing gifts. If you collect more in donations than your family needs, consider adopting more people or contributing the balance to help other families.

Questions or concerns?
Please contact or (785) 273-4804

Please use table below to determine the gift amount per person and to calculate how many families you are able to adopt this year.

While we understand your generosity, we encourage you to stick closely to these guidelines. These guidelines are to keep the giving equal across the board for all those being adopted. If you have additional resources, we highly recommend adopting another family to ensure everyone in our community is able to have something for Christmas.

Download Cost Table 2019 Family Cost Table

If you do NOT receive an email with household information within SEVEN (7) days contact the Christmas Bureau office. Check you spam/junk folder as well.

Name of Contact*:
Name of Group/Company/Dept(if applicable):
City*: State*: Zip*:

Work Phone*:
Cell Phone*:

Email Address*:
2nd Email Address (if necessary):

Household information will be sent via Email unless you plan to pick it up.

Adopting involves contacting adoptee, shopping, wrapping gifts, and delivering to their home.

When adopting please keep in kind that households are often diverse. Sometimes the people living under the same roof are not related, they live together to save on expenses. Households come in different types and sizes, and volunteers will do their best to match you with the one that meets your request.

View above the cost table to determine the amount to spend per household according to its size.

Please indicate which preferences you prefer: Example: 2 with 5 means you want to adopt 2 families with 5 members each.

Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)

Household type*: Couple w/childrenSingle Parent w/childrenMultiple Adults (no children)Grandparents w/childrenSingle PersonNo Preference

Additional Requests:Senior (65+)VeteranDisabledHomeboundPet (dog or cat ONLY)Other

If Other:

Willing to adopt Spanish speaking family*: YesNo