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IF YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR INFORMATION USING THE ELECTRONIC FORM ON THIS PAGE: If you have not received an email or phone call from a Christmas Bureau volunteer within 7 days of your submission, please call 785.273.4804 or email

To ADOPT households use the online form below or print the .pdf and return to

For those wanting to donate rather than adopt, please click Donate Now to give safely and securely online. You can also mail a check (no cash please) to Christmas Bureau, United Way of Greater Topeka, 1315 SW Arrowhead Rd., Topeka, KS 66604. Or stop by our office between 8 am and 5 pm M-F.

Individuals or groups interested in helping should contact Kimberly Wolff ( or 228-5120).  Volunteers who speak both fluent English and Spanish are especially needed. More information, including available volunteering times on Get Connected.

2018 CB Adopter Application             2018 Family Cost Table             Adopters FAQ – Word

Name of Contact*:
Name of Group/Company/Dept(if applicable):
City*: State*: Zip*:

Best Number to contact you*:
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Email Address*:
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Household information will be sent via Email unless you plan to pick it up.

Adopting involves contacting adoptee, shopping, wrapping gifts, and delivering to their home.

When adopting please keep in kind that households are often diverse. Sometimes the people living under the same roof are not related, they live together to save on expenses. Households come in different types and sizes, and volunteers will do their best to match you with the one that meets your request.

View above the cost table to determine the amount to spend per household according to its size.

Please indicate which preferences you prefer: Example: 2 with 5 means you want to adopt 2 families with 5 members each.

Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)
Household(s): with: (# of individuals)

Household type*: Couple w/children 17 & underSingle Mom w/children 17 & underSingle Dad w/children 17 & underCouple w/adult children 18 & overMultiple Adults (no children)Grandparents w/children 17 & underSingle parent w/adult children 18 & overSingle Person

Children's preferred ages*: No preferenceAge 0-7Age 8-12Age 13-18

Additional Requests:Senior (65+)VeteranDisabledHomeboundPet (dog or cat ONLY)Other

If Other:

Willing to adopt Spanish speaking family*: YesNo