Financial Stability Initiatives

PIGUnited Way of Greater Topeka is working to improve the financial stability of families and individuals in Shawnee County.

United Way Knows

Individuals who have fewer financial stresses in their lives are healthier, more likely to graduate on time, and perform better at work. Increasing the financial stability of families ultimately creates a stronger, more productive, crisis-resistant workforce and communities that are more prosperous because of increases in employment and home ownership.

  • More than 17,000 individuals in Shawnee and Jefferson counties live below the poverty level
  • More than 41,000 live below 185% of poverty

Low-income working families tend to pay more for basic goods and services because the neighborhoods they live in do not provide what they need. Resources such as groceries, healthcare, financial services, credit products and insurance cost low-income families more than higher-income families due to poor credit history or lack of access to affordable transportation.

Your Investment Builds Brighter Futures

Helping Adults Control Debt, Start Saving and Plan for a Secure Future

United Way of Greater Topeka has partnered with Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., to operate the HOPE Program to help area residents learn to budget their money, pay off debt and begin saving money.

Financial Literacy & Decision-Making for Teens

To help teens get off to a better financial start as adults, United Way partners with Communities in Schools to offer Future Now: Finance. This interactive experience shows high school students the kinds of financial decisions they will face in just a few years. They find out immediately and without permanent damage what poor financial decisions could really cost.

Learn more about Future Now: Finance at Communities in Schools.

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