Successful Connections

Successful Connections is a free program serving expectant parents or families of children birth to school-age. It serves as a central contact point and offers referrals to partner agencies.

Data show that Kansas has a high incidence of infant mortality, ranking 40th among all states. Successful Connections provides Assessment Specialists who meet with and engage families one-on-one to assess needs and match families with partnering home visitation programs which deliver the support the families need.

SC Poster_Roots_R1Successful Connections not only provides a one-stop-shop for parents looking for additional support, the program also concentrates on Drug Endangered Children, operating as a point of early identification and referral for Drug Endangered Child Case Management services. These services are designed for pregnant women and families with children 0-5 years of age living in Shawnee County who are currently or have recently used substances.

The primary goal of this program is, within 60 days of initiating program services, to provide parents with access to and receipt of appropriate assessment for substance abuse disorders. This is an essential program for Shawnee County as Substance Using Parents is a primary reason for children being removed from the home and placed in foster care. This is the only program in Shawnee County that serves the 0-5 age group, ensuring that parents of this age group receive the necessary support they need while learning about the connection of their substance use and its adverse impact on their child for years to come.

Successful Connections is also involved in community collaborations such as the Early Childhood Collaboration (ECC) of Shawnee County and the Shawnee County Alliance for Drug Endangered Child (DEC Alliance). The ECC (formerly known as the Interagency Coordinating Council), offers families a comprehensive system of early childhood programs and family support services. Families can access the system through Successful Connections or any of the partnering ECC agencies.

The Shawnee County Alliance for Drug Endangered Children brings core agencies together to work as a team to provide the most effective response for Drug Endangered Children. The Alliance is composed of law enforcement, child protective services, prosecutors, medical personnel and other agencies all working together in the best interest of children. In Shawnee County the DEC Alliance develops strategies to intervene on the behalf of children affected by a caregiver’s drug use or manufacture.

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